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Our specialized chemical-based manufactured products containing a very wide range of chemicals ranging from specialized industrial maintenance chemicals such as chemicals for boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, engine treatment and other maintenance.

We also offer the services to design and manufacture any special chemical products with any special requirements to tailor to any specific applications. High end chemicals products can be develop for removal of special coating materials, removal of highly rusted system, heavy hydrocarbon deposition and other specific applications can be tailor made to the client specification to ensure that the desired end result can be achieved.

Loss Circulation,Differential Sticking,Torque and Drag,Seepage Loss,Shale Problems

All of these problems mean additional costs. More drilling fluid expenses, additional rig time and shut downs, cost over-runs. We offer to cure your specific drilling problems and help cut down on these un-wanted drilling expenses.

We also offers custom solutions and blends to solve the specific conditions your geological structure dictates. Simply give our technicians a call so that we can access your needs.


» Specialized Plant Improvement Services
» Design of Specialized Maintenance Technology
» Maximizing Profits and Minimizing Losses
» Acid Cleaning
» Boiler Water Treatment
» Chemical Cleaning
» Chilled Water Treatment
» EDTA Cleaning
» Hydro-jetting
» Passivation
» Hot Oil Flushing
» Degreasing
» Hydro-blasting
» Pigging
» Preservation
» Sodium Bicarbonate Blast
» Steam Blowing
» Waste Management
» Other Specialty Services
» Design of Chemical Cleaning Circuit and Processes


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Competency : Trained and reliable professional personnel
Reliability : Exceptional quality controlling standards
Flexibility : A full range of services
Accountability : Proven control methods and performance
Customized programs-large and small
Professional management and supervision
State-of-the-art equipment and supplies
Continuous professional quality monitoring
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